Our Beer Selection


We select beers from small breweries, beverages with intense flavours and a singular identity.
Let yourself guide through the hundreds of beers we offer.
You like them bitter or smooth, strong or light, sour, flavoured, spiced or even smoked ?
We will present you the one according to your taste.

French Beers

French craft beers represent 80% of our selection.
We picked up what we consider the best among the 800 breweries in the country.
Every style, flavours and colors are present, coming from every region.

Belgian beers

We build up a small selection of belgian beers.
You will find representers of new breweries as much as great classics.
Moreover, we always keep some artisanal lambics on our shelves such as Cantillon which are dry and sour, not necessarily sweet.

International beers

The world of craft beer is constantly moving.
Many countries offer now excellent brews.
Our selection of imports from the USA, Canada, UK or Italy and Scandinavia
often changes but always brings in new surprising flavors.