Home Brewing


Do you love so much beer that you want to make some at home ?
We can help you out !
If you are either a confirmed home-brewer or if you are just starting,
we will be happy to speak with you about it.
The staff speaks currently “homebrewish”,
the language of home-brewers and practices often this activity.
We will give you any advices if needed.

For beginners, we offer:

 Starter kits with all the materials that are necessary for your first beer.
 “Homebrew kits” of ingredients to brew in a simple way 9 to 22L.
 Several advices for you to start.

For regular homebrewers we keep a reserve of interesting products:

- A large selection of hops sold by weight including rare varieties from the USA and New Zealand.

- Basic malts and some special malts.

- Dry yeast.

- Cleaning and disinfection products.

- Small materials such as hydrometers, brewing bags and fermenters

Ordering Service

You can order from us all the articles from Brouwland and pick it up later at our shop, you wan’t have to pay the shipping costs. We make group orders every 1rst and 15th of each month. To order, you just need to send us a list of the products you want with their reference number per mail at caveabulles@gmail.com.
And don’t forget, whatever beer you brew,

Control your fermentation temperatures

Always keep everything clean and sanitize