Beer tastings

We love beer!

And we are happy to share our passion and our knowledge through casual tastings.
Around a table and with the help of five different beers (10 to 15 cl of each per person)
we will make you discover the world of french craft beer.

Behind the scene 

What are the ingredients of beer ?
What do they bring to the final product ?
How does a brewer use them in his recipes ?
The tasted beers will help to illustrate the topic.
The selection is not made for the tasters to like them all
but to taste a large range of products
and to see the wide range of flavors a beer can have.
This meeting will be the occasion to show that:
Beer is not a beverage mainly made out of hops.
Bitterness and color of the beer are two very distinct things.
Flavoured beers are not necessarily sweet.

Basic Information : 

Unless you have booked the whole tasting, it would only be in french. The tastings take place in groups of 8 to 12 persons, only on appointment, always at 7pm. You can come alone or by 2, we will build up the groups.

During the tasting, a little “grignotage” is served, generally some cheese. It isn’t in any case a full meal.


Around 1h30
Reservation by phone on +331 40 29 03 69
 Please be there on time.